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The laboratory is dedicated to perform the measurements necessary for on-line verification of process steps and to evaluate the electrical performances on test structures and devices at wafer level. Both manual and automatic systems are available.


Electrical characterization


Karl Suss probe station

  • Probe station Suss PM5HF Analytical Probe System for DC e HF electrical measurements of samples up to 6".
  • Probe station for flexible substrates devices measures.
  • Variable Temperature Micro-Probe System by MMR Technologies for electrical measurements of devices in vacuum in a temperature range of 80-580K.
  • Probe station in clean room for samples check during the fabrication process.

Hardware resources

  • HPC system: 14 nodes with Xeon processors, 70 cores, 288 GB RAM. Access through batch management system.
  • Workstation: Lenovo ThinkStation, single node, dual Xeon Silver processor, 40 thread, 256 GB RAM


Micro/Nano fabrication