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The laboratory is inside a clean room ISO 5-6 (class 100-1000). It comprises all the facilities to define micro patterns on planar substrates by means of contact optical lithography with a resolution down to 1 um.


Laser write

Heidelberg DWL66


DWL66 is a laser writer used for writing patterns into photoresist-coated surfaces. The system is equipped with a solid state laser 405 nm and two exchangeable writeheads. The 4-mm writehead is used for high-resolution writing of thin photoresists. The 20-mm writehead is meant for low-resolution writing. It takes about an order of magnitude less time to write the pattern with the 20-mm writehead if compared to writing the same pattern with the 4-mm writehead.



Contact mask aligner

Karl Suss MA160

The machines includes a touch screen controls that allow for parameters to be changed simply and efficiently. It is equipped with a monitor for easy to view mask and wafer alignment. Likewise, it is equipped with joystick controls that can adjust the alignment by 1 micron in any direction.




Micro/Nano fabrication