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The micro- and nano-fabrication activity is supported by a corresponding activity on process numerical simulations. With process simulation it is possible to accurately predict the device geometry, its dopant distribution, and, with the help of device simulation software, also its electrical behavior.

Several different scientific software are available in IMM-Roma and they are routinely used in the numerical simulation activity.


Circuits, devices and processes simulation

  • Synopsys TCAD: industry grade process and device simulation environment. Cover all aspect of fabrication and simulation of semiconductor devices
  • COMSOL Multyphysics: general purpose finite element analysis, solver and multiphysics simulation software.

  • LASI7: freeware program for layout and design of integrated circuits.
  • Matlab: general purpose numerical analysis language and environment, focusing on matrix manipulation and model based design of dynamic systems.
  • Mathematica: technical computing system focusing on symbolic algebra.
  • NI Microwave Office, CST Microwave Studio, ANSYS HFSS: radio-frequency (RF) and microwave circuit, system, and electromagnetic (EM) simulation environments.


Micro/Nano fabrication