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This laboratory is dedicated to isotropic and anisotropic etching of thin films a by wet and dry processes. Here are located also the facilities for substrate and photolithographic mask surface cleaning.


Plasma etching and ashing


Oxford plasma technology reactive ion etch

The system is equipped with O2, CHF3, CF4, Ar gases to have resist ashing, silicon and silicon dioxide etching.

The pumping system is roots-rotative pumps and the RF generator is up to 350 W.

Substrate cleaning and polishing

Wet chemical cleaning
  • Piranha
  • RCA1, RCA1 modified and RCA2
  • Wet stripping and polishing with acetone and isopropanole alchool
KOH etching


KOH etching

Silicon wet etching is done by KOH bath. The system has an heater keeping the temperature costant by a water flow around the bath.

Wet etching bench  

  • Aluminum and Aluminum alloy
  • Nichel
  • Titanium
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Silicon/Polysilicon
  • Silicon Oxide


Micro/Nano fabrication