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Our aim is to develop a new tool for subsurface analysis that will push the measurement of subsurface structures at the nanoscale to a limit never reached before. The consortium will develop and commercialise a 3D hybrid Scanning Probe Microscope platform (referred to as Volumetric Scanning Microwave Microscope – VSMM) able to probe the local reflection and transmission of microwaves from samples, and to reconstruct from these signals the subsurface three dimensional structure of the materials with nano-scale spatial resolution in the three spatial dimensions. More specifically we aim to:

  • develop a new microscope platform, the Volumetric Scanning Microwave Microscope (VSMM) together with technical toolkits (calibration kits and nanoscale probes) and transmission S21 toolbox for ultrasensitive measurements of 3D subsurface electromagnetic material properties with nanoscale spatial resolution. This objective will be achieved by the technology development partners MC2, NWS and AGILENT, and CNR-IMM. 
  • test and apply the new microwave microscope in two research domains; materials science (ferroelectric materials, green technology materials for solar cells and materials for nanoscale field effect transistors) and bio-science (distribution of nanoparticles in cells and tissues for drug delivery applications). This work will be undertaken by three partners, namely BNC, IBEC, and NPL.
  • ensure that the European policies and standardization norms are followed to promote the newly developed measurement technology (including ISO, Euramet, CENELEC). This work will be supervised by the leading European metrology institution NPL.

POC: Romolo.Marcelli@artov.imm.cnr.it, Andrea.Lucibello@artov.imm.cnr.it, Emanuela.Proietti@artov.imm.cnr.it, Giovanni.Sardi@artov.imm.cnr.it, Giovanni.Capoccia@artov.imm.cnr.it, Bartolucci@eln.uniroma2.it

2012-03-01 to 2015-02-28