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The electrical properties of undoped and silicon doped InGaP layers grown lattice matched on GaAs by low pressure metal–organic vapor phase epitaxy were investigated under different growth conditions. The possible presence of superlattice ordering was excluded by photoluminescence analysis. Undoped layers exhibited a background p-type contamination of the order of 1016 cm− 3; the role of possible carbon contamination is discussed. Capacitance–voltage and Hall investigation of Si-doped n-type layers evidenced a room temperature free electron density linearly increasing from 3.6 × 1016 to 6 × 1018 cm− 3 as a function of the Si precursor flow. The corresponding electron mobilities decreased from 1800 to 483 cm2/V s. At lower temperatures, the conductivity and mobility of the n-doped samples showed a metallic like behavior, in some cases with values not consistent with a simple electronic transport …
Publication date: 
31 Aug 2012

Roberto Jakomin, Antonella Parisini, Luciano Tarricone, Massimo Longo, Beatrice Fraboni, Salvatore Vantaggio

Biblio References: 
Volume: 520 Issue: 21 Pages: 6619-6625
Thin solid films