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Heat management mechanisms play a pivotal role in driving the design of nanowire (NW)-based devices. In particular, the rate at which charge carriers cool down after an external excitation is crucial for the efficiency of solar cells, lasers, and high-speed transistors. Here, we investigate the thermalization properties of photogenerated carriers by continuous-wave (cw) photoluminescence (PL) in InP and GaAs NWs. A quantitative analysis of the PL spectra recorded up to 310 K shows that carriers can thermalize at a temperature much higher than that of the lattice. We find that the mismatch between carrier and lattice temperature, ΔT, increases exponentially with lattice temperature and depends inversely on the NW diameter. ΔT is instead independent of other NW characteristics, such as crystal structure (wurtzite vs zincblende), chemical composition (InP vs GaAs), shape (tapered vs columnar NWs), and growth …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
11 May 2016

Davide Tedeschi, Marta De Luca, HA Fonseka, Qian Gao, Francesco Mura, Hark Hoe Tan, Silvia Rubini, Faustino Martelli, Chennupati Jagadish, Mario Capizzi, Antonio Polimeni

Biblio References: 
Volume: 16 Issue: 5 Pages: 3085-3093
Nano letters